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By The Telos Alliance Team on Jul 26, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Axia User Offers a Free Utility to Aid Simple Livewire Routing

Anthony Eden is a broadcast engineer and systems integrator in Australia. And, he's a big fan of Audio over IP technology, particularly Livewire+.

PathfinderPC and Pathfinder Core PRO provide powerful and flexible scheduling, routing, monitoring, and alerting for Livewire+ AoIP networks. However, Anthony Eden needed a bit less horsepower for a particular application. His client simply needed to select which studio would feed the station's air chain. So, Anthony wrote a Windows application in Python to do just that - and only that.

Livewire Simple Delegation SwitcherHe calls it the "Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher."

Anthony is making the app available for free, and has already published a couple of updates with new features. Read about it and download the app here.

I recently imagined, then "realized" a backup STL system for my big FM transmitter site in Mississippi. We have 3 FM stations there, all fed by Livewire over a 13-mile IP-Radio link (here's a white paper I wrote about that when we installed it).

Even though the IP-Radio link is amazing, we had no backup STL in case of a failure. Just recently we got Public Internet to this very rural site via a Wireless ISP.

I built a PC to receive our stations' Public Internet streams, then convert them to AoIP streams. For various technical reasons, it turned out that I needed my local AoIP streams to be AES67 SIP Unicast. Livewire streams wouldn't work as well in this particular case.

Transmitter site Livewire Simple Delegation Switchers

Great news! Our new Axia IP-Audio driver has AES67, including SIP Unicast!

Now I could (manually, with lots of typing) switch my transmitter feeds to a backup source by entering new subscription addresses in the Destinations section of our xNode.

We recently learned of Anthony Eden's Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher program. Using this program I have buttons that are programmed to do this route switching, if and when needed, saving a lot of typing in an off-air situation.

made a techno-geeky video about this. Those already familiar with Axia will understand it right away. Still, I hope all engineers are inspired to see technically modern yet simple and reliable solutions if they have AoIP available. This solution is possible because of the flexibility of Livewire+ and AES67.

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