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By Mark Manolio on Nov 1, 2017 11:50:00 AM

Telos Alliance Support Engineer Mark ManolioWith G-Force, it is easier than ever to get the sound you are looking for with the Quick Setup Tab!

Our suggested method for using G-Force for the first time is to listen to all of the presets while offline. Pick the ones that sound closest to what you want on-air. Then put the Omnia.11 G-Force on-air, listen to those candidate presets on your “trusted” radios, and decide on one to start with.

Once you’ve picked the winning preset on air, the first step to the tuning process starts on the Quick Setup tab. Quick Setup operates on a global level that touches many internal parameters not accessible by any of the other controls in the user interface.

Tips for using the Quick Start controls to adjust a preset to match your desired sound:

  1. If preset is louder than desired but otherwise has the sound you desire, you have two choices: Preserve the texture of the preset and reduce loudness by lowering the “clipper drive” to taste, or create a more open texture for the given loudness of the preset by lowering the limiter drive which will reduce the “overall density.”
  2. Overall bass levels of a preset can be set using the “bass” control. This will adjust many parameters simultaneously (including important but hidden ones) that govern the bass content of a given preset.
  3. The brightness characteristics of a preset are determined by the three brightness controls. These controls are somewhat interactive with each other and adjust many “under the hood” parameters that determine the high frequency personality of a preset.
  4. The stereo sound stage can be manipulated using the Stereo Enhance control. Our stereo enhancer has also been updated, and to our ears, it captures the sound of the “Space EFX” plugin of the original Omnia classic. The effect is pleasing and the new stereo enhancer shuts itself off completely during mono content. The density control adjusts the speed of enhancement. This is helpful to sculpt the type of stereo sound field you will have when the effect is used.

Omnia.11 with G-Force

With these nine “Quick Setup” controls, most users should be able to “dial in” many presets to suit their markets using this small collection of controls alone. More advanced users will find these controls to be very powerful as well as they interact with the existing controls in the advanced menus. We encourage you to revisit the quick setup controls to “feel their effect” after making changes to more advanced settings elsewhere in the menu system.

When finished making adjustments, be sure to save your modified preset with a new name (you can’t overwrite the factory presets) using “Save Current As” in the Preset tab.

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