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By The Telos Alliance Team on Nov 8, 2017 11:35:00 AM

Paul Kriegler Named U.S. Omnia Sales Manager

The Telos Alliance this week welcomed Paul Kriegler as Omnia Manager of U.S. Sales.

Like most Telos Alliance employees, Paul comes from a broadcasting background, including more than 25 years of broadcast management and programming experience, most recently with Lotus Radio in Reno and Emmis Broadcast Group in Austin. Over the years, Paul has been an incredible advocate of Omnia at all of his stations, which makes him a great fit for his new role. We sat down with Paul for a little insight into the man and his broadcast career.

Q: How did your new role with the Telos Alliance come about?

I manned the Stereo Tool Booth for Hans Van Zutphen at NAB in 2014, where I met Frank, Leif, Mary Ann, and a bunch of the Telos crew. In fact, we were at the same hotel, so I wound up meeting with Leif and Hans for breakfast. The talk was all processing—and I was hooked.

The relationship developed from there, I expressed interest in the position, and voila...Here I am!

Q: You have a background in programming and operations. Tell us a little about that, and why audio processing is so important to a programmer.

I will always be a fan and remain a student of the business, and I still enjoy doing weekend on-air work.

Radio is such a competitive, fun environment. Processing is definitely a piece of the puzzle and part of the secret sauce on many successful stations. I look forward to helping my brothers and sisters in programming get the exact sound they want.

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Paul Kriegler, Omnia Manager of U.S. Sales

"Processing is definitely a piece of the puzzle and part of the secret sauce on many successful stations. I look forward to helping my brothers and sisters in programming get the exact sound they want."

—Paul Kriegler, Omnia Manager of U.S. Sales, The Telos Alliance

Q: You’re living in Austin, Texas… How weird is Austin these days?

Hahaha! Austin isn’t as weird as its reputation. It’s a thriving, tech-oriented city with a great music scene, though, for sure. I sure love a Texas winter!

Q: Any family details?

I’m a Nebraska boy... Go Huskers! My dad was an engineer and helped me build a homebrew pirate station in Omaha when I was in my teens.

Q: When you aren't working, you're...

..spending time with one of my best friends that lives in Austin, running the trail around Town Lake, listening to music, or enjoying one of Austin’s excellent restaurants (which usually means tacos or BBQ).

Q: What are you most excited about in your new role?

I’m so excited to be with a company that continues to advance processing, has so much pride in quality, and continually raises the bar. Working with the guy that came up with the Vigilante audio processor (Frank Foti) is a dream come true. I'm happy to be onboard with the most innovative broadcast audio team in the industry.


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