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Using Voltair to Maximize Your PPM® Encoding

By Geoff Steadman on Mar 31, 2016 8:29:00 AM

You probably know that not all of your programming encodes equally well in PPM®, and some content encodes downright badly. But you may not know which of your programming is problematic.

So, how to know? Some Voltair® users simply watch Voltair’s color-coded screen and note the orange. But that’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, so we designed a better way.

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Voltair Still Gives You a Ratings Advantage

By Geoff Steadman on Mar 24, 2016 3:54:50 PM

In early 2015, the Telos Alliance® and 25-Seven® introduced the Voltair® Monitor and Processor. According to industry experts, the use of Voltair resulted in more accurate measurement of radio listenership. This disruptive technology enabled Radio to finally get credit for more of the listening it deserves.

Months later, after denying that it had any effect, Nielsen® responded to Voltair by changing its encoders to include some of Voltair’s features. The company claimed that its so-called enhanced CBET (eCBET) could replace the need for Voltair.

We weren’t so sure.

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Lee Sherwood's Radio Journey: Stella Nebraska to Major Market Hitmaker

By Geoff Steadman on Apr 16, 2014 12:13:00 PM

My uncle was a guy with a golden voice and a master story teller’s delivery. He could have read the ingredients on a box of cake mix and make you want to listen.

From my early memories of the promotional LP’s that he sent my dad, to the WQAM Tiger sweatshirt my mom used to wear around the house, having your father’s only sibling on the radio brought our industry into my young mind.

With little warning, cancer took him from us in February. He left an enormous digital footprint of creativity, accomplishment and contribution to broadcasting. I proudly write in tribute to his legacy.

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