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How are SMPTE 2110 and AES67 Standards Changing Broadcast Media and Why Should you Care?

By Jim Kuzman on May 21, 2018 10:43:00 AM

5 Takeaways to Share with your Team

A particularly hot topic right now is the recently approved SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards for “professional Media over Managed IP Networks.” The ST 2110 standards suite specifies the carriage, synchronization and description of separate video, audio and data streams over professional IP networks in real time for live production, play-out and other professional media applications.

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Live(wire) in Canada!

By Dave Sarkies on Oct 4, 2017 11:30:00 AM

This past weekend was the annual conference of the CCBE (Central Canada Broadcast Engineers) outside Toronto. The proceedings featured a small-scale interoperability event similar to the AES Plugfest, and a keynote presentation on the benefits of AES67 and AES70. Our Jeff McGinley attended along with Tyler Everitt, from our Canadian dealer Pippin, so we caught up with them for a review.

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Manufacturers Plug In at AES Plugfest

By Dave Sarkies on Sep 20, 2017 12:30:00 PM

The third annual Audio Engineering Society Plugfest was held recently in Houston, as manufacturers of broadcast and audio/video gear alike gathered to test their products for interoperability with other companies’ offerings. Representing the Telos Alliance at this year’s event was Support Engineer Jeff McGinley, who provided us with a review of the event, starting with a refresher as to just what exactly Plugfest is.

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How to Become AES67 Compliant

By Krissy Rushing on Sep 8, 2017 3:00:00 PM

As television broadcasters begin their migration to Audio over IP (AoIP), understanding the basics and the nuances of standards and protocols becomes increasingly important.

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Livewire Partner Profile: Yellowtec

By Dave Sarkies on Aug 30, 2017 10:15:00 AM

As an award-winning manufacturer of a wide range of products for the Media Broadcast industry and one of our nearly 100 Livewire+ AES67 partners, Yellowtec is an exciting player in the world of interoperability. Yellowtec chose Livewire+ to allow their line of audio network routing, mixing, and console control products to interoperate with the growing Livewire+ ecosystem of more than 70,000 installed devices worldwide. The organization's support of the Livewire+ AES67 protocol allows users to send and receive audio with stream advertising, control, and program associated data across its entire audio network.

Recently we spoke with Yellowtec Junior Marketing Manager Kathrin Nimpsch for her thoughts on being a Livewire partner, and the excitement surrounding the upcoming IBC Show.

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Omnia, Axia Announce Major Product Launches in Advance of NAB 2017

By Dave Sarkies on Apr 18, 2017 12:40:00 PM

Never content to take our position as industry leader for granted, the Telos Alliance this week announced two new game-changing broadcast technologies in the lead-up to the broadcast industry's largest trade show. The Omnia VOLT™, a versatile new 1RU broadcast audio processor, and the Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver, the first AES67-compliant IP Driver, represent our continued innovation and dedication to providing the dynamic broadcast tools the industry is asking for. Both products will have a major impact on their respective market segments, and will make their debut at NAB 2017, next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Is Your Equipment Fully AES67 Compliant?

By Marty Sacks on Apr 11, 2017 4:41:00 PM

AES67 compatibility and compliance are not one in the same. This short guide explains the difference, and why you should care.

One of our goals at the Telos Alliance is to further the adoption of AES67, the standard for audio-over-IP designed to allow interoperability between various IP-based audio networking systems, like our own Livewire+ AES67, Ravenna, Q-Lan, and Dante. So we hear the terms AES67 compliance and AES67 compatibility thrown about a bit, often with reckless abandon. And while they may sound the same, the difference between compliance and compatibility is huge. Here, we’ll spell out those differences and explain why it matters.

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Telos Alliance Thought Leadership on Display at NAB 2017

By Dave Sarkies on Mar 29, 2017 11:55:00 AM

For more than three decades, the Telos Alliance has led the way for the broadcast industry with an array of groundbreaking products. As an example of how this leadership continues today, Telos Alliance personnel will lead five important sessions on broadcast technology at NAB 2017 next month in Las Vegas.

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Choosing a Baseline AoIP Protocol

By Marty Sacks on Mar 22, 2017 1:45:00 PM

Since the AES67 standard was ratified nearly three years ago, a paradigm shift has occurred in the broadcast indus­try with AoIP becoming the topic both around the water cooler and in facilities around the globe.

By now, you probably already know and understand AoIP's benefits: It saves money. It makes for more efficient work­flows. It reduces the amount of equip­ment you need. It eliminates massive amounts of wiring. It leverages “off the shelf” IP-based components from the larger IT industry for easy integration.

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TWiRT 336 - Hands-On AES67 with Patrick Killianey

By Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on Feb 11, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Perhaps you’ve heard of AES67 for IP-Audio. It allows cross-connection of different, competing AoIP standards like Ravenna, Dante, and Livewire+. But until you actually try connecting audio devices together, AES67 is just a standard on paper. IP-Audio expert, Patrick Killianey from Yamaha Pro Audio is here to explain real-world AES67 from our recent technology demo


Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist 

Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting


Patrick Killianey, Network Systems Applications Engineer - Yamaha Pro Audio

Show Links:

Introduction to AES67 - Full Technology Demo [YouTube video]

Networking Fundamentals for AoIP - 6-part course [YouTube video]

Media Networking Alliance - Videos and Presentations


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