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By The Telos Alliance Team on Aug 16, 2022 8:11:45 PM

Why Streaming Should Be in All Radio Stations

Juan Punyed (Director of Sales, Latin America and Canada) of Telos Alliance was interviewed by “TVyVideo + Radio” in the article “Streaming Debe estar en el 100% de la Radio en Latam.” We’ve translated the article here for his unique insights.

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"In this region (Latin America), all types of radio, whether traditional or online, should have a streaming service. Although it is estimated that up to 80% of the stations transmit their content virtually, this number should reach 100%," says Juan Punyed, sales director for Latin America of Telos Alliance.

Radio by IP or streaming is present in 80% of all radio stations and should be in 100%. This is because the world wants to listen to Latin American music. Even small, very regional radio stations with native music should have access to streaming. Even if they are very small, they would have the potential of being listened to by almost 7 billion people in the world. That is a lot of listeners," he said.

He says that a decisive element to count on for the permanence of the radio listeners is to have great sounding audio. "You have to have the best sound. We have processors for streaming and for the internet with, what is called, Z/IPStream. When you're looking for good audio streaming, the online radios that sound better are what people are going to be listening to, similar to FM. "

Punyed added that they have options for all needs. "There is also the option of podcasting and we have a solution for them with Minnetonka. Many people have morning programs that are fun. We have to reuse them and take them out as a podcast on the website and we can do it with Minnetonka software. We have a podcast solution to sell or rent at $ 199 a month."

The power of streaming is the ability to reach regions beyond your own. You can find out more information on streaming's capabilities in our Streaming University video library on YouTube. You can also find the original article this was translated from at Streaming Debe Estar en el 100% de la Radio en Latam.

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